About the company

Find your path offers counseling services to individuals and organisations. Personal Counseling on various personal issues through non-medical methods is our forte. Personal Counseling, Occupational Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Parent-Child Counseling, and therapy for Depression, Anxiety, Dyslexia, Eldercare, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are among the services offered in our Counseling center in Thane and Mumbai. We also specialise in parent-child domain, based on which we offer ‘Positive Parenting Seminars‘ in various institutions including schools, corporates etc. Find Your Path also conducts personality, aptitude and psychometric tests used by corporates for recruitments or as employee screening tests. Our expertise is also used by these corporates for employee counseling to increase productivity. With Dr Mehak Sharma’s extensive experience and knowledge we organise pep talks and motivational speaking too. Find Your Path has offices in Mumbai and Thane. We conduct our programs in various cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc.

Dr Mehak SharmaDr Mehak Sharma

Find Your Path is the brain child of our director – Dr Mehak Sharma, an Occupational Therapist. After completing her degree – Bachelor in Occupational Therapy, she worked extensively within the healthcare and counseling industry. In companies like Cryosave India, Epoch Elder Care, Portea Medical services across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore she donned multiple hats. Apart from being a senior counselor and Dementia care specialist providing Intellectual Companionship to elderly people, she has past experience in Sales, Operations, Team Management too. She realised that motivating and counseling people is what she wanted to do, and that is how Find Your Path was conceptualised with two centres in Mumbai and Thane. She has also completed a Certificate course in counselling from the mental healthcare veterans – Dr. Minnu Bhonsale and Dr. Rajan Bhonsale’s leading Heart to Heart Counselling, Mumbai.

She believes in Preach What You Practice and through her experience she realised that – To Find Your Path, Is Her Path.

A team of expert counselors with extensive experience together work to deliver the best services to our clients.


To bring a positive difference into the lives of people by providing them with insights for self transformation.


To see that people have complete understanding and knowledge about themselves to make decisions beneficial for themselves and people around them.