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Personal Counseling for Employees
Increase productivity of your team by fixing issues which are impacting their lives and holding them back from giving their best.

Positive Parenting Seminars
Our seminars are designed to help parents on multiple issues ranging from communication gap, obedience, habits and focus of their children in today's rapidly changing times.

Personality and aptitude tests
We conduct tests which help to understand prospective or existing employee's inborn strengths, weaknesses, personality type. This can also be used for employee screening.

Employee Counseling

Improve productivity of employees by addressing concerns through our expertise in personal counseling. Improve their relationships and develop skills which will have an impact on various aspects of their lives. Our focus is primarily on exploration of the client's issues or concerns. Employee counseling's goal is to address any safety issues and to connect the client to resources that will help relieve the current difficulty which is holding them back from giving there 100%. Many organisations have benefited from our employee counseling services across india, specifically in Mumbai and Thane.

Employee Counseling, Employee screening tests

Resolve issues





Conflicts with people




Positive Parenting Seminars 

Employee Counseling, Employee screening tests

Our Seminars are designed to provide solutions for balancing parenthood and career. Parents can feel disappointed and even defeated at times trying to balance their career and raising positive, happy, well behaved children. This sometimes leaves parents with a feeling of guilt and widens communication gap between the parent and child. We help parents to come up with new approaches to align the child's life path with his/her mind in subtle and non authoritative ways.

 Individual & Group

Post Seminar, both one-on-one and group parenting counseling sessions can be conducted as needed. It can also include employee counseling.

Employee Screening tests
PSYCHometric Test

This is a test which includes 70-80 questions which help to identify the extent to which the client’s personality and cognitive abilities match. It helps to know an individual's current state of mind. Psychometric test can be done from the age of 13 years. It can be used as a part of employee counseling as well.

For Students, our focus is more on career, doing affirmations and setting up goals to learn better.

Our recent seminars at pre-schools

Positive Parenting Seminar
Positive Parenting Seminar
Positive Parenting Seminar
Positive Parenting Seminar
Positive Parenting Seminar

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