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April 2022

Varsha, Google Reviews

My therapy with Dr. Mehak has been life changing. I feel a lot more confident and comfortable in my own skin after speaking to her. Can’t wait to interact with her more so I can be the best version of myself. Thank you.

March 2022

Teena, Google Reviews

Dr Mehek, has the knack of decoding your real personality. Post her counselling sessions, I understood that I had been a Nice person throughout my life, because of which had been more miserable in my life. She has complete understanding of human psychology. She guides me on my life journey. Though it’s my first experience with a counselor, but I must say, it has been a great one so far.

October 2021

Radhika, Google Reviews

It takes a while to find the right kind of therapist and I'm very lucky in that department. The first Dr I approached happened to be Dr Mehak and she was just the right counsellor for me. Right from an ease of booking sessions with her, to getting deep into each session, Dr Mehak has been very hands-on with listening, conversing, even allowing me to come to my own conclusions, assigning the most thought-provoking homework and following up on everything. With the lockdown, Dr Mehak has also adapted quite well to taking online sessions. 'Find Your Path' aptly describes my journey with Dr Mehak. I'm very grateful to have found her.

July 2019

Leena Manurkar, Google Reviews

Dr.Mahek helps person in improving her/his lifestyle and thoughts by overcoming anxiety , nervousness and inferiority complex feelings She gives examples that we feel are related to our lives Advice and suggestions given by her are very helpful. Thanks a lot for her support.We wish her all the best.

October 2021

Minoti Banerjee, Google Review

Dr Mehak is very good & smart counsellor. Her knowledge is excellent & she knows how to use it. When I met her for the 1st time, she immediately understood my issue. She heard me out patiently. She is very direct & clear in communicating her thoughts. Maintains professional distance, does not judge me, doesn't ask prying questions, explains concepts which I may not understand. She doesn't put words in my mouth, rather tries to make me understand myself. Every session I feel I learn something new & which helps me progress. She understands my limitations & does not push things on me. She give regular homework which really helps bring awareness & perspective. I have been taking counselling since 1.5 years & I have implemented the lessons in my daily life & really improved my life state. Would definitely recommend to consult her. One thing I would like to change is the sessions should start on time.

March 2021

I have recommended find your path to more people than I can remember. It’s been a few months since I started seeing Dr. Mehak and my life has changed in the best ways since then. Understanding me and giving tasks and tackling each issue individually and patiently, has helped me grow.

July 2020

April 2019

Sonali Tawade, Google Reviews

I came to know about Dr. Mehak Sharma, through my Family physician who have strongly recommended her for my sons Counselling. My sons had memorization issue and I am stressed related to his studies. After a few counselling sessions my sons outlook is changed he is very much interested in Counselling sessions his understanding ability is improved. She shared some short tricks and Technics which help me to teach him in easy way. She is efficient qualified counselor I highly recommend her. Thank you.

August 2019

Prarthana Prasad, Google Reviews

A perfect doctor...A perfect Guide... A perfect philosopher... Dr Mehak helps me to sort out the problems in my life in very unique way... Through her counseling session she taught me how to get inner peace and how to face the difficulty in life... With the help of her i got self confidence that I never had been knew...She taught me what should be accepted and what should be ignored. Thanks to her for being my confidant...She is a perfect pathfinder... Thanks to her that she always believe in me...

April 2019

Verified Feedback, Practo

March 2019

Verified Feedback, Practo

I Came to clinic completly lost not knowing what to do as was in depression after my 10yrs of married life.As said by the name i was able to find my path. Sessions with Dr.Mehak helped me get back my self acceptance,confidence.Life is much light now.I was trying to be a perfect wife and mom.But i realize now i am perfect in my imperfections.Would recommend her strongly for personal counselling.

January 2019

Verified Feedback, Practo

February 2019

Verified Feedback, Mrunali Rammohan, Practo

Dr. Mahek Sharma is simp the best.. she is so passionate about her profession. Her apprach to my problem was handled very well. I definitely shall recommend her to as many people I can..

May 2019

Verified Feedback, Practo

June 2019

Verified Feedback, Practo

July 2019

Verified Feedback, Practo

Dr Mehak's sessions are very personalized. For me, a session with her is an upfront and straightforward conversation which helps make sense of my problems. It has helped to have someone providing an outside perspective and i'm glad that person is Dr Mehak for me.

December 2019

Verified Feedback, Practo

Just a kind of doctor you need for sharing, analyzing and addressing psychological, behavioral and emotional issues. Our counseling sessions have been very informative and helpful. Her experience of dealing with patients from varied backgrounds and age groups adds a superior benefit while discussing social situations with her. Her approach towards identifying the core issues and programs (home works) have been the key reasons for my continuous progress.

February 2020

Verified Feedback, Practo

She helps go deeper into the problem, working on its roots. Focused and friendly counseling sessions.

January 2020

Verified Feedback, Practo

I was almost close to falling into chronic depression and had sleep issues as well...Today, if I am able to even live and enjoy life and stand up for myself it's because of her. She has put a lot of effort and understanding in making me feel better. She is open minded and a very intelligent therapist with great understanding of her client's inner feelings and thoughts in just a few sessions.....I can't stop and will recommending her to anyone and everyone facing any kind of issues in their lives.

February 2020

Verified Feedback, Practo

Dr.Sharma's counselling sessions had a great impact on me. She explained what the issue was in my thinking..and provided a professional approach to help me tackle my mental health issues..will recommend her counseling for sure.

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